Hi There, thanks for your interest in our membership packages.
At Swift Results we believe it is our responsibility to inform, help and encourage you to make good decisions about your health & well-being.

As an allied health business, we want to offer and provide you with the best possible service we can, to enable you to carry out your daily tasks with ease.

To this end we are offering you the opportunity to become a member of the Swift Results Club. Membership entitles you to select from six therapy packages.

Please read the important information carefully, including the Privacy Policy and the Cancellation Policy.

If you wish to make a booking for one or more of the packages, then fill in your details & select the membership package from the drop down box & click send. Otherwise let us know at your next appointment.

I hope you put  your well-being first and take up one of these packages. Your health is important to us!

I look forward to hearing from you.
Ross Mollenhauer

  • You may select the treatment for the session.
    Booking your next appointment is required after each session.
  • Changes may be made by phone or email, no less than 24 hours before the appointment, so that the
    business can re-book that time.
  • You may choose to add additional time to your session at an additional cost, and you may extend the
    package under the same financial conditions.
  • Your package may be passed to another person, but you must make this arrangement, in person, with the
    business owner.
  • You may place your package on hold for one month for the three visit package or three months for the six visit package, however this can only be done once in the lifetime of the package.
  • The package starts from your first appointment.

Swift Results requests early notice of your inability to meet the sessions required within the required time frame.

It is expected that in the event of illness or unforeseen personal issues the client will advise Swift Results of
their inability to:

  • complete the package


  • find a suitable person to take over the package, with the agreement of Swift Results.

Should a client want to re-join the package program after the three or six month period, the following will apply:

  • Any remaining sessions left outside of the time set will incur an extra $10.00 per appointment for appointments within one month of the expiry. This offer is for one month after the original completion date.

Any matter of controversy will be handled by the client, & the Business owner Ross Mollenhauer.

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