Foot Reflexology

Regular reflexology treatments are a good way to keep your feet from cramping and from other foot conditions. Reflexology can be used for a wide range of conditions ranging from hormones, organs and neurological conditions, sleep, digestion, sinus, fertility, menopause, prostrate and others. Reflexology can help prevent disease, colds, and infections. Manipulation of your feet will increase circulation and remove excess waste from organs. This is a time to relax and release feel-good chemicals keep or make you feel great.

Release feel good chemicals to make you feel good.

Benefits of a Foot Reflexology

Increase circulation
Remove excess waste from organs
Transports minerals & vitamins to organs
Helps immunity


60 mins: $65.00

20 mins: $25.00

30 mins $40.00

40 mins: $50.00

50 mins: $60.00

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Reflexology in Cleveland Can Help With a Wide Variety of Ailments

For trusted Reflexology in Cleveland, Swift Results Massage Therapy can assist. Reflexology can be relaxing and may alleviate stress. The basis of Reflexology is that different areas of the foot correspond to organs in the body, pressure on that area of the foot may bring forth healing to the corresponding part of the body. Reflexology and massage therapy can also help in alleviating discomfort and tension, working as a natural form of pain management. Using Reflexology as a supplementary treatment of your ailments may effectively reduce pain and discomfort caused by a wide range of conditions.

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