Hot and Cold Stone Massage

Hot rocks are placed and guided over the body to stimulate the central nervous system and muscles. The application of hot or cold stones will be effective for pain relief. (The temperature of the rocks is tested on certain safe areas of the body to assess how much warmth the client will require).

The rocks are different shapes and sizes and have many uses. They are used to glide over the body at different angles like a Remedial Massage and have many natural healing properties.

Benefits of a Hot & Cold Stone Massage

The Cold rocks are good for the blood, skin & Immune System
The Rocks Repel Negatitivity; & assist in strengthening the bones, muscles & Soft tissue
Relax the Central Nervous System


90 minutes: $90.00

60 minutes: $75.00


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Kakudu: this rock repels negativiy and assists in strengthening the bones, muscles and soft tissue.
A Hot Stones Massage is just what this client needed.
Marble: is a beneficial for the blood, skin and immune system. The mineral provides clarity and this assists in meditation.

Why You Should Consider Using Our Body Massage Therapist

Does that old sporting injury still pipe up when you are stressed or when the weather is turning cold? Do you try your best to massage it yourself with only a modest degree of success? For pain management, it is best to use a body massage therapist. They are trained and qualified to give you effective relief.

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