Remedial Massage in Redland Bay & Capalaba

Our Massage treatments ease & relieve pain so you feel empowered to do your tasks throughout the day ‘no matter what tasks you choose to do.

Swift Results provides Muscle and Joint Pain relief for all Muscles & Joints in your body.
Including relief for Headaches, Shoulder & Neck Pain, Rotator Cuff,
Elbow, Wrist, arms, Hands, Hips, Back, Knee, Ankle & Foot pain.

We work on: 

Pain Relief for all Muscle and Joint issues
Post Operation or Pre -Operation                    Alignment of Hips, Back, Neck & Feet
Maintenance from Repititive movements

We provide advice on:

Stretches and strengthening exercises
Pillow, Support Cushions, Stretch bands, Spiky balls.
What to do after a Massage
Essential Oils, gels, Epsom Salts


Health Fund Registered
All our Therapies are offered at extremely Competitive prices.

What Our Clients Say

Susan Surgenor
Susan Surgenor
School Teacher 31/10/2018
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"I went to Ross as I was experiencing pain in my left hip. It wasn’t long before i knew i had some nerve damage. At this stage I could barely put any pressure on my leg. Treatments with Ross have eased my pain levels. I started the exercises given for my core, obliques, and leg muscles. This has improved my movement and my ability to exercise."
Alan Mitrovich
Alan Mitrovich
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“I have explored a number of other medical channels without finding a remedy for my lower back pain: Then I was referred to Ross at Swift Results Massage and finally I had found the solution to my back pain! Ross applied various massage techniques, gave me stretching & muscle strengthening exercises and other advice that has finally cured my back pain! Thank you very much Ross!”
Lynne Jago
Lynne Jago
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“I found Ross’s massage very helpful. Was able to get deep into the areas that needed it. He has a caring and kind disposition”
Lilia Barajas
Lilia Barajas
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“It was a pleasant surprise to find a nice, neat place and a very young man with a good attitude towards the therapy. Very discrete and polite. Keep on! “
Nancy Hunter
Nancy Hunter
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“Hot & Cold Stone Massage: It was nice to bliss out”
Haylee Mckell
Haylee Mckell
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“Perfect Treatment. Always a pleasure coming for treatment. Feel leaving great after every treatment”
Mario Finelli
Mario Finelli
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“Hot Stone Massage: Absolutely heaven. I highly recommend it”
Caresse Reynolds
Caresse Reynolds
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"For the last 3 years my legs have been causing me issues. I have had some inflammation issues around my knees and ankles. With the assistance of the Massage this has reduced the swelling & cramps and given me better health."
Luis Barajas
Luis Barajas
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“I have had some issues with my back around the Sacro-Illiac Joint. With Massage work to my back, hips and legs this has helped me over the past 4 years be able to have less pain and relax to live my life the way I would like. Thank you Ross. Please receive my compliments for your very professional way of treating your clients. Keep like this always. Cheers Mate. Antonio”
James Manning
James Manning
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“I have a Job where I twist and turn and get my body into a lot of awkward positions. The result of this was that my neck has been tilted forward for quiet some time. Since seeing Ross his Massage work and Postural advice for my neck has improved my neck dramatically. I have been seeing him weekly for the last 6 weeks for short 30 minute treatments and I am re-gaining the strength that I had lost in my neck muscles. ”
John Doe
John Doe@username
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Susan Surgenor’s
Audio Testimony

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Ross Mollenhauer

Hi, my name is Ross, I am a passionate Remedial Massage Therapist/ Body pain specialist who works on relieving your aches and pains. In my treatments I increase your range of movement, improve muscle elasticity and function of muscles/nerves & joints. I treat your body like it is my own so you receive the best outcome. I have seen great results from working on athletes, office workers, labourers, those with severe pain or who just require a massage for maintenance.. Read More

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be part of a community that understands the links between Massage Therapy, wellness and positive relationships. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a quality range of therapies and treatments to relieve stress relief, manage pain and enhance well-being.

Our Principles

Our Principles support our practice: 
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Qualilty
  • Sustainability
  • Accountability

Our Core Values

Our Core Values underpin our work:
  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Compassion

Mobile massage

Are you struggling to get to an Appointment Kids at Home, Too busy! We can come to you!!!

Available now: Providing Mobile massage for the suburbs of Cleveland, Thornlands, Victoria Point, Wellington Point, Redland Bay, Ormiston, Alexandra Hills and Raby Bay. It’s just a $25 surcharge on outcalls. Hot Rock Massage is not available for outcalls.

The benefits of relaxation therapy extend much further than leisure. There are many physical and emotional benefits to be had from even a single session!

At Swift Results Massage Therapy, we specialize in massage therapy for your total health and wellbeing. Our treatments are designed to give you a real lift.

You may experience post pain after a massage this is because of the lactic acid build up and a slow removal of toxins from the body. The body may be experiencing high levels of toxins in the body.  


We offer a comprehensive range of Massage Therapies, Bowen Therapy and Reiki.

Our Services

Redland Bay & Capalaba Massage Therapy

Cleveland Massage Therapy Can Provide the Relief You Need

Swift Results Massage Therapy aids in your pain relief in Cleveland through massage therapy, leaving you feeling more empowered and enjoying better freedom of movement to live your life to the fullest. We’ll guide you on your journey through stretching, exercises and several techniques to enable you to enjoy all the activities you love to do.

Swedish Massage

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