Sports Massage

Sports massage will keep you on the field or in your chosen sport and make your recovery time much faster. Sports massage increases blood flow to the muscles, aids in cooling down the body after exercise, and removes the lactic acid build-up formed in the muscles. It will also resolve hard working muscles that need some tender love after sports and exercise. This is a great way of managing your body.

Sports Massage will reduce pain & inflammation on ligaments and tendons. If no massage is done left over scar tissue will build up on these ligaments which will cause a longer recovery period and possible long-term side effects. It is best to see a Sports massage therapist after the swelling has reduced within a period of 2-6 weeks after a ligament strain; or if more serious to wait for advice from a Physiotherapist. But Sports Massage should be a part of every person’s routine who exercises.

Benefits of a Sports Massage

Reduce Scar tissue
Reduce tension and Pain in ligaments and Joints
Removes Lactic acid build up
Speed up recovery time
Increase Blood flow to the muscles


90 mins: $90.00

60 mins: $70.00

20 mins: $25.00

30 mins: $40.00

40 mins: $50.00

50 mins: $65.00

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